Karnataka: Uduppi, some old photos

Title: "Boys' boarding school in Udapi."
Creator: unknown
Date: 01.01.1858-31.12.1890

Title: "In front of the Krishna temple in Udipi."
Creator: Müller, Friedrich China (Mr)
Date: 02.09.1913-01.06.1914
Title: "C.62. General view of Little Chandrana - the Jain Temple, Mudabiri, S. Kanara."
Creator: unknown studio
Date: 01.01.1881-31.12.1920

Reference: BMA C-30.91.015
Title: "Puttur. 1928."
Creator: Ritter, Theodor Samuel (Mr)
Date: 01.01.1928-31.12.1928

As per one theory, Puttur got its name after pearl "Mutthu" in Kannada and town of pearl "Mutthur" slowly renamed itself to Puttur.The famous believed myth is Centuries ago,due to draught priests were performing rituals with rice as prasad in the Holy pond of Mahalingeshwara temple,suddenly the water started coming from all the corners to turn those rice into pearl. Other theory, is Puttur derived its name from "Puttha" in Tulu, meaning snake nests (ant hills/ mounds inhabited by s
Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple: This is an ancient temple of said to be built in 11-12th Century, Lord Shiva (popularly known as Puttur Mahalingeshwara) is main deity of this temple. You will find the photo/idle of this deity in most of the houses/shops in the entire puttur taluk as the deity is believed to be the protector of Puttur Taluk. In the premises of this temple we find unique pond on the western side. It is said that in olden days pearls were found to be growing in the pond. In the local dialect muttu means pearls, which brought the name Mutthur to this place later called as Puttur. During the month of April the car festival is celebrated for 10 days with much gaiety and fervor. The town is at its colorful best with the dazzling, light and marvelous display of fire crackers. More than a lakh people visit Puttur during the festival. Another special about the famous Mahalingeshwara temple of Puttur is that elephants can never enter the temple premises. The story goes that once a thief entered the temple and stole the main Idol and when he could not escape he threw the idol into the pond in front of the temple. It went so deep that an Elephant was brought to lift it up. A rope was tied to the idol and dragged by the elephant that Lord Mahalingeshwara became angry with the elephant for dragging him hard and he cursed the elephant that no elephant shall enter the premises of his temple, if entered would fall dead.
Kalle was called as Kallega by the local people. This is the oldest mosque of town.

Bendru Theertha (
Hot Spring): About 15 km from Puttur there is a natural hot water spring (in Tulu language known as Bendru Theertha). It is believed by the local people that the water is said to be more auspicious and a dip in the lake drives away all skin diseases like eczema, allergic rashes and many more ailments. It is situated in a scenic spot by the side of river Seerehole which flows west ward and merges with Arabian Sea. It is the only hot water spring in South India.

library of his literary works and an attractive museum is established and is open to the public. A swimming pool was built to teach the children swimming. Summer camps are held here for the children of town and surrounding villages to bring out the hidden talents of children in the field of arts and cultural activities.

'Shri Gopalakrishna temple' situated in Shibara. Which is built around 300 years ago.

Mai De Deus
Church: It is one of the ancient church built in 1830 by the Roman Catholic missionaries from Goa in Gothic style. This holy church is renovated with elegant architectural beauty.

Maril church: A church built in 1899..