Old Maps of Cannannore

This Roman letters are confusing. Letters -T,J ,F, and I looks same. This map is not to scale and not to the directions(North West etc), like a hand written picture . still this  map is a gem.

I am trying to figure it out. first I thoufgt The site of general hospital is marked as a cross(A) and the open place with roads junction with a water streem, coinsides the letter "T", (not "J") which may be the new burial site. if its true, now there is a children park. but i was wrong. General hospital, Church, Old burial ground and artillaries positions are matching. And there is one J or I can be seen in upper part of the map just below the yello space. Have u noted that There is no "I" in Legends. confusing .but gets more intresting.. needs time. i wil come back soon

Details are gathering, please wait....

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