The Sangam Panther- A walk back

The Sangam Panther- A walk back
Sangam is a small  village  near to the  confluence of Rivers Cauvery and Arkavathi. Kenneth Anderson wrote a good experience of this area in a story  "The Sangam Panther". Please read in the book Man eaters and Jungle killers. A man eating Panther was active in this area and KA bags it in a hair raising style. As I liked the story and so liked to the geography of this area, I just  compile some photos and thoughts. Click the images for bigger pictures.

The Plot

Sangam is around 100 Km from Bangalore. After reaching Kanakapura on NH209, take a left turn to sangam on SH 92.  About 16kms from Kanakapura you will reach a junction, to the right of which is Cauvery fishing camp. The ghat roads at sangam will give you more joy. Sangam is sounded by hills of Deccan Plateau and water at sangam is not so deep. After sangam Cauvery water flows to Hogenakal and to Stanley Reservior.
Sangama- 2007

Sangama- today

Sangam in relation with major towns

The Road,Kanankapura to Sangam in 2014

The Road,Kanankapura to Sangam in 2007

the  confluence of Rivers Cauvery and Arkavathi

 THE Village

Sangama Village. Newly constructed houses can be seen.

Exact site of old  village. Now  empty space, under Revenue Department.

A side road from Sangama.  Old village was on the right side.

The Main  "tourist Street" in the area near the old village. now Only shops and no huts. 

boarders of TN and Karnataka

Two main Hamlets present now, with some modern Buildings.
Muthee trees along the riverside

Muthee trees along the riverside can be seen in Google maps

 The old bungalow is abandoned I think, but the tree where he parked KA's car is still there. The location of the abandoned bungalow just next to the river is confusing.Photo from 2006- KA yahoogroup.

NOW  WE CANNOT PARK OUR CAR HERE. photo of  2014.This area with old muthee tree is converted to a mini park.

When one sees the bungalow, one can imagine how the scence would have been 50 years back with the great man sitting on the balcony, smoking his pipe and staring at the forest. photo from 2006- KA yahoogroup
2014 photo of the same place pictured above. Old forest bungalow where KA stayedhas been  demolished and a new hotel  under government runs here now.


Old forest bungalow. The location of the abandoned bungalow just next to the river is from 2006- KA yahoogroup

But one of the old structure still seen here. Villagers said this stands  in same place of the above Pic.

A crocodile spotted on riverbed in other bank.Photo courtesy Team BHP


After reaching the village, KA spent time to get idea about the locations and formed his plans. He purchased 4  young buffaloes and a dog as baits and walked all around the village.


More plans and Preparations.

 The alternate route  to bungalow


KA described :
From this point Sangam, about 3.5 kilometers downstream, the river Kaveri flows through a deep gorge so narrow that one would think that a goat can leap across it ('Mekedatu' means 'goat's leap' in Kannada). It is not really so narrow and no goat commonly found in that part of India could cross that distance in a single leap. It is about 100 km from Bangalore via Kanakapura. The name comes from an incident which is believed to have been witnessed by herdsmen in that area a long time ago. It is said that a goat being chased by a tiger made a desperate attempt to save its life by leaping from one side of the gorge and managed to cross over the raging river below, whereas the tiger did not attempt to replicate this feat, and abandoned the chase. The point where the goat leapt has widened since then from erosion caused by the river Cauvery.
I am not able to understand what is written, still  acclaime that any crocodile  will read this notice board and will not swim in this area.

Kanakapura-sangam road
The Road,Kanankapura to Sangam -

Road To Sangama


Read the passages , it will speak self.



File:Powerful current.JPG
Photo courtesy Team BHP

The water flows very fast through the gorge, gouging pits in the rocky riverbed. The climb down is steep and the rocks slippery, making it very dangerous to swim in the river. Drownings continue to occur here, although people have been warned about the danger by a small board and writing on rocks.







Death Trap


Out of tourists visit this place, high number of people drown in the river, either when swimming or slipping off the cliff. It is a very dangerous place. The 4 feet shallow water is very deceiving as it seems harmless but has claimed the life of 100's of people in the past years.The water current is very fast, and a person can drown in minutes. Just a small slip might be fatal. There are also crocodiles in the water. The place lacks warning signs in several places, but crocodiles and slippery surfaces make it one of the riskiest tourist spots.  The rock surface near cliff, both during season or during dry season, is very slippery and deceiving. Usually young people and students, who venture near cliff drown here.
KA sat on the edge of the rocks and watched the troubled, racing river. A hundred yards away, downstream, where  the surface had become placid again, an occasional fish broke water, leaping into the air, as if evincing sheer exuberance and the joy of living. A fish-eagle circled in the ethereal blue of a clear sky. After a while, he retraced to the bungalow. He had still not found any panther tracks.

 The rock

 KA had noticed a rock at its edge hardly a mile away from village. He  took the dog, tied it at the foot of the rock and walked away down the road. Silently he clambered up, and lay flat on its top. The rock was still warm from the sun that had been shining on it all day.

The killer struck again:

While KA waiting   on the rock, a hyena disturbed the bait dog several times, and KA describes  about its nuisance behaviors in depth. Around midnight a group of men armed with lathes and a matchlock came to  the spot to inform, the panther had seized one of the five sleeping inmates in hut, a woman about 25 years old. She had shrieked aloud as she found herself being dragged away, waking the other four persons in the room,who were her father, two brothers and mother. Meanwhile, the panther was trying to drag her out through the opening in the thatch by which it had entered. The girl struggled violently. The panther dropped her and bit her viciously. One of the brothers struck a match to lighten the darkness of the hut's interior. Her father, with commendable bravery and presence of mind, hurled the only missile which came to his hand, at the panther The missile happened to be a brass water-pot of some weight, and it struck the panther full on its side.
KA describes that Maneaters, whether tigers or panthers, invariably have a streak of cowardice in their natures and this panther was no exception to the general rule. Leaving its victim, it had dashed out of the hut through the opening in the thatch. The screams of the mauled woman and the general pandemonium had awakened the whole village.

The Night with Cattles

The exact site of old "Cattle patti"

New village  location.

 The Night on zinc roof

 Read the passages , it will speak.

Some pictures around the area 

The final meeting 

After a night long vigilance on the  dog shed over the Zinc roof, KA heard noises of  jungle folk when the panther was approaching, but could not see due to the darkness. some how the panther discovered him and came directly under the roof where KA hindered.

Peering forward slowly, KA began to scan the village lane in both directions. Starlight was not good at that moment, only enough to prevent the night from being obscure. The lane to right and left appeared as a faint blur and of a slightly lighter shade than the surroundings. He could hear nothing and see nothing. Then Anderson caught the faintest of sounds. It appeared to be a hiss such as a cobra might make.  And it came from in front and directly below him. Was it the hiss of a snake or the faint noise a panther makes when he curls back the skin of his upper lip?

Read the story  for what happened next.
Photo courtesy

Dear all, you must read the story for a thrilling  experience.  Then   you can enjoy and love  this area more and more. Thank you  Kenneth Anderson for this excellent story.


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