Tali Temple.

I was inspired by the charm when entered first entered this temple in my 8th or 9th year of life. history reveals all but  the Purana and Aitheehya says a different story. I think  it will be interesting if documented by pictures,and hence I do this.

HISTORY by photo

The following is an undated photo and most probably the oldest available in my opinion
May be this is the most dated back photo. 1880s. It is described in British library and archaeological survey of India as :west view of the main entrance with the image of Kshetrapala, Thaligai temple Calicut:
It assumes around 1880 s. I got this picture from British library
The Kozhikkode Thali temple is an ancient one, dating back to the days of the Zamorin rule. The term Thali refers to a Shiva temple; however, the temple complex also houses a shrine to Krishna. Legend has it that Parasurama, associated with several temples in Kerala, worshipped Shiva here. Several legends associated with feudal rivalry, curses and relief from curses are associated with this temple. In its glorious days, this temple celebrated the Revathi Pattattaanam festival for seven days in the malayala month of Tulaa where learning and scholarship was celebrated with feasting and awards. The Zamorin is also asociated with the pomp and splendor of the now extinct Mahamakam festival at Tirunavayi.

There was a small tree Present at the entrance that time.Now there is a banayan tree. Lot of time I Parked my bike in the same place in 1998-2000. British library describes as — at west view of the main entrance with Krishna Shrine, Thaligai temple Calicut:.


Thali Temple.(probabaly).Inside view


It is of 190o.

Thaligai temple front view early 20th C, Photograph of the Thali Temple, Malabar District, Calicut Taluk, Kerala, taken by a photographer of the Archaeological Survey of India around 1900-01.

This temple suffered destruction at the hands of Tippu Sultan and Hyder Ali and was renovated in the 18th century. The current structure dates back to the period of the ruler Manavikraman.

The two storeyed sanctum has works of art in terms of stone sculptures and wood work with scenes from the puranas. 


The Tali Temple situated in the heart of the Kozhikode Town, about one kilometer east of the Railway Station and a treasure house of historical memorable is under the Trusteeship of the Zamorin of Calicut.

the place in google map 2013

The founding and prosperity of Kozhikode town is closely linked with the 

sanctity of this ancient temple.

The way I walked. it s 110 year old photo. But it seems same

in 1901 .. with Puthiyapalam road

The building and the tree is still there as same. rt side of the road is the compound wall of Zamorins High Scool.
The Jyothirlingam in the sanctum – Sanctorum of the Temple was installed towards the end of Dwaparayuga by Sri. Parasurama, who was responsible for the creation of Kerala, by retrieving the land from the sea by throwing his powerful axe from the top of Sahyadri, The posture in the sanctum-sanctorum is that of Umamaheswara. Though this divine power existed from time immemorial, the attention of the citizens of Kozhikode was (bestowed on the temple) only by about 1500 years ago. It reached its zenith during the rule 
of the Zamorins, who had the prestigious title Sailabdheswara (The lord of the mountain and the sea).

The views in 1901. North-west view of Garbhagrihani, Thaligai Temple, Malabar District,

Platform facing the sanctum-sanctorum, the four walls skirting the sanctum-sanctorum with the lighted lamps on all the four sides, Dwajastambam, Anakottil (flag-staff platform for elephants) the gopurams (large entrance gate), Deepasthambhum (pillars of lighting) and large outer walls are all there in the grand temple. Tali Ganapathy, Thevarathil Ganapathy, Thrumandhakunnu Bhagavathy, are all the additional deities located in the inner walls of the temple. Outside the inner wall, but within the temple premises are Lord Ayyappa in the south west.

 I  could not get this view now because photography is prohibited inside. This is also from 1901-02

North-west view of Kalasamadam in the outer courtyard, Thaligai Temple, Malabar District, Calicut Taluk
 Thevarathil Bhagavathy just behind Lord Ayyappa and Naga in the west, facing in the eastern direction. In the north eastern side, just outside the Siva Temple premises, but inside the four wall of the temple, there is a separate Vishnu temple with a Dwajastambam of its own. Besides there is a small temple dedicated to Narasimha Moorthy in the southern side of the Vishnu Temple. Inside the compound and north of this also Eranjipuram.

west view of the main entrance with the image of Kshetrapala,

Thaligai temple front view early 20th C, Now the Shrine Disappeared. Photograph of the Thali Temple, Malabar District, Calicut Taluk, Kerala, taken by a photographer of the Archaeological Survey of India around 1900-01.
 Inside the four walls of the Sreekrishna Temple, there is also the presence of Sreevalayanad Bhagavati. So with its special architectural beauty and the presence of several Gods and Goddesses in the premises, this great temple has special significance of its own. 
don't know the date of the following  photo. May be in the 1960s. notice the people, their dress and the bicycle.

the building in left side of the picture seen as a permanent structure now

Watch the people, Moslems too. Thali is famous for communal harmonically rituals including Muslims.

This temple also got a special place in the cultural history of Kerala. It was here that Revathi Pattathanam, a sort of seminar on Bharatha Meemamsa, Prabhakara Meemamsa, Vedanta Meemamsa and vyakarana were conducted. Eminent pandits and philosopher from far and near used to participate in this unique function. This is still being conducted annually here. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, eighteen and a half poets used to assemble here.

After the Colour photo Era. Changed to the electricity and the big lamp at front roof. Note board with letters. One more step is added. more soil eroded. but it will recover in next photos.

the tree grows on the right side. A granite lamp post just in the street. check the No Parking boards.
Now, it has come to such a stage that an immediate repair, particularly renovation of the sanctum-sanctorum has become an absolute necessity. The two storied sanctum-sanctorum which is in the shape of a chariot is adorned with decorative mural paintings on the walls and the sculptures in granite of lord Siva's retinue, and birds and animals, mentioned in puranas. The roof of the sanctum-sanctorum is completely worn out. In the first stage, worm out wooden rafters have to be replaced and fresh complete roofing with copper plates have to be undertaken.

See the changes in traffic and vehicles.

I request any body having more photos, please add.

with new Brass lamp posisionsted of granite one as seen in previous images.

the bills for Vazipadu and Hoardings for Revathi Pattathanam taken place in front.and new model Car.

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  1. Nice collection of old fotos, from where u got all these fotos.33

  2. Hai,
    I live in jail rd / Calicut, and i use to go school by walking on a regular course - front of thali temple.

    My calculation/assumption is that the the photo which you posted describing as: "Thali temple (probably) inside view " is actually the front view of the temple only but taken from a differant angle on the way to palayam - chalapuram. The small building standing diagonally in front of the main bldg entrance has been later demolished i feel. If you inspect the place you can see some excess vacant space abutting the road there now. (which that small building consumed.)

    I vaguely remember that there was a island like platform with a tree or a transformer at d structure demolished space lately..Now i think that island like platform too has been demolished and entire space remaining as exceess open space from road upto temple compound wall..hope I am right..


Please leaveyou your valuable query here. I am Happy to assist you