Varakkal Sree Durga Deavi Temple

Varakkal Sree Durga Deavi Temple

This photo taken on 1901
The shrine is located in West Hill within the town. It is one of the 108 Durga temples and the last one founded by Parasurama as per belief. The deity is Durga Devi (Bhagawathy).
This temple was once a promotion centre of art and cultural activities of Malabar in the long past.


Mahanivedyam is the most important ritual. Pushpanjali, Padivilakku,Naivilakku, Thrikalapooja, Swayamvara Pushpanjali, Santhana Gopala Pooja, Ganapathy Homam, Thila Homam are the other offerings.
The festival is Navarathri which is celebrated with great fanfare. Vavu Bali (a ritual for the departed souls) is conducatd on the full moon day in the month of Thulam (October/November). Thousands of people who have undergone fast the previous day assemble on Varakkal beach and the priests of the temple administer the ceremonies for each individual who performs the Vavu Bali for his dear and near departed souls. The perception is that the Vavu Bali satisfies the departed souls and they stand guard to the living dear and near ones.

It is one amongst the famous 108 Durga Temples, established by Parasurama, the creator of Kerala. During the ancient times the art and cultural activities of Malabar was spearheaded by this Durga Devi temple. The temple is situated on a hill top with 28 steps which lead to the temple near West hill railway station in the city of Calicut. In the Sanctum Sanctorum Durga Bhagavati is seen in full splendour. Dakshinamoorthy and Ganapathy are the Sub-deities. The temple dedicated to Sree Ayyappa located on the outer premises. Due to the deep meditation and penance of the holy Parasurama in Threthayuga Durga Devi manifested herself to the holy sage, saying "in the day of Chothi and Vavu I will be present in the Theertharoopa to bless my devotees". Parasurama, thus, created the last temple for Goddess Durga Devi and the creation of this temple gave Him great satisfaction. In Tretayuga, Lord Parasurama's Tapas, remitted in the presence of Dugadevi here. Devi spoke that on the day of 'Chothi & Vavu' she will bless her bakthas. This was the last of the 108th temples created by Parasurama.

After the consecration the temple was deserted for a long time without any temple rituals. Later on when the Divine presence began to be felt by the people, the then rulers, Perumallers, started supporting'the temple activities and it became a Mahakshetra. In the courseof time the temple came into the hands of Great Zamorins who modified the temple to the present state and even today the temple administration is done by the Zamorin Raja of Calicut. 

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