Originally, Tipu Sultan named the place Farookhabad. This name changed into Feroke by the British.It is also assumed that Tipu Sulthan used Feroke as his capital in Malabar. Remains of Fort built by Tipu Sulthan is still in Feroke with a long tunnel to river.Authorities are trying to preserve the Fort remains as historical importance. The old bridge at Feroke was built by the British in 1883.
This is old road bridge. the bridge was completed in 1888. Even now it is serviceable. It is said that British engineers has adopted a special method of filling its pillars with molten lead to add strength and flexibility.

 Tile Industry

Feroke is the cradle of the tile industry in Kerala, especially Tile Industry. The rapid rivers from the Western Ghats after passing through forests carry the clay which is the raw-material for tiles, pottery and ceramic wares. There are more than a dozen tile factories in Feroke alone. Feroke is also well known for wood and Timber industries.
Cheruvannur and Feroke are predominant industrial areas of Kozhikode. A number of tile factories, match factories, Timber industries, Automobile dealerships, Footwear industries  steel factories, etc. are located here, providing employment to thousands of workers. The Steel Complex is also located here. It is assumed that Feorke-cheruvannur is the second biggest industrial area of Kerala

The capital of the province of Malabar

In 1788 Tippu Sultan transferred the capital of the province of Malabar from Kozhikkode to the South bank of Beypore River and built a Fort at the modern village of Feroke. But Tippu's grand project of founding a new capital was ended in failure because he was compelled to retire to Coimbatore due to the approach of monsoon. Considering the historical importance, a part of the laterite fort remaining at Paramukku, Kottasthala is declared as protected monument by the department of Archaeology in 1991 under the protected monuments sites and remains act 1968.
 photo of old Ferke Bridge in 1900
 The  road bridge  at  same sitenow. taken from a running train on a new Rly  bridge at the exact site of the first picture.
Ferok Railway Station in 1901
Ferok Railway Station 2013

 Tile factory


Title: "Mission tile works in Ferok."
Creator: unknown
Date: 01.01.1906-25.10.1907
tile factory now
 in 1901

Tippu's fort

 So called Tippu's fort In  modern times as well as in 1901-Down

This  a valuable photo  shows that British have an interest on this site  and often considered a place to explore.

Title: "Ferok."
Creator: unknown
Date: 01.01.1901-31.10.1914
LOcal Authorities  not cosidered much in this spot. In 2007, Deputy Collector and District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) secretary T. Bhaskaran has initiated steps to prepare a project report to protect what is popularly considered `Tipu Sultan's Fort' at Feroke.

They  have enquired with the Archaeology Department which said that the fort has been declared a protected monument. But now the fort is under the possession of a private individual. If protected, it will be of immense historical significance.

M.G.S. Narayanan, historian and the former chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), said that the site was meant for a fort by Tipu, but he could not make it a reality.

Only a well and a small building for storing magazine were constructed at the site. Tipu intended to make `Farookhabad' (town of victory), as he called Feroke, his capital when he conquered Malabar in 1788.

However, defeated by the British, Tipu handed over the entire Malabar to them. The site came under the possession of Basel Mission, which fell into the hands of Comtrust (Commonwealth Trust).

The site, referred to as `Kottakunnu' fell into the hands of a few private individuals in course of time.

Mr. Bhaskaran said that effort to convert `Kottapadam,' a 25-acre plot near the fort which contains water-holding structures formed as a result of digging for clay, into a tourist spot would be sought.

Another proposal for developing an island near Beypore was also under consideration of the DTPC, he said.

BUt nothing happened yet. We are waiting.
Manorama : on Feroke Kotta

Tile factory,Feroke  a collection of old photos


“Feroke tile-works under construction.   Title: "Feroke tile-works under construction."
Creator: unknown
Date: before 1906,”

Title: "Tile-works Ferok, seen from the front."
Creator: unknown
Date: 01.01.1906-25.10.1907

Title: "Tile works in Ferok."
Creator: Dachwitz (Mr)
Date: 01.09.1926-31.12.1936

Title: "Tile works in Ferok."
Creator: Dachwitz (Mr)
Date: 01.09.1926-31.12.1936

Title: "The bank of the river opposite to Feroke."
Creator: unknown
Date:  (undated, but before 1930).

Title: "Idyll near Ferok."
Creator: unknown
Date: 01.01.1901-31.12.1920
title: "River landscape in Ferok near Kalikut."
Creator: Kühner-Frohnmeyer, Heinrich (Mr)
Date: 01.01.1896-31.12.1908
Title: "Bathing, Ferok."
Creator: unknown
Date: NA- BUT BEFORE 1907
Title: "Landing the boiler for Ferok in Beypore."
Creator: unknown
Date: .Date: NA- BUT BEFORE 1906
Title: "The house in Ferok, 1906."
Creator: unknown
Date: NA BUT BEFORE  August 1906
Title: "Sunday school in Ferok."
Creator: unknown
Date: NA



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  2. I have lived in "The house of Feroke" contrast bungalow for more than a decade.

  3. I have lived in "The house of Feroke" contrast bungalow for more than a decade.

  4. I have lived in "The house of Feroke" contrast bungalow for more than a decade.

  5. I stayed in the above Comtrust Bungalow for a decade

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  6. I stayed in the above Comtrust Bungalow for a decade

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