Pazhassi Raja Tomb


Pazhassi Raja Tomb, Mananthavady

Pazhassi Raja, a scion of the Kottayam Royal family was one of the earliest to strike the banner of revolt against British lordship in this part of India. He remained successful for a remarkably long period until finally the English brought in heavy reinforcements from Madras and Bombay.

The memorial of Veera Pazhassi Raja known as the Lion of Kerala who organised guerilla warfare against British East India company is situated at Mananthavady. The Pulpally cave near by is where the Pazhassi took refuge until he was captured by the British. He was downed in a ferocious encounter that took place at Mavilanthode in the last days of 1805. Pazhassi's tomb marks the point where he was cremated. Pazhassi museum is located nearby where a sword, which is believed to be of Pazhassi's era is kept.

Pazhassi tomb sign board.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb, Mananthavady present.

But there was a huge Tree was there exactly at the place of the Tomb. It was locally called Coly tree, a subspecies of banyan tree. lot of parasitic herbs and other trees are mixed with it and one cannot identify by only checking the leaves of  the tree. Because as my wonder the tree has 8 or 9 types of leaves....I played here in my childhood and was attached a lot.

I try to present a chronological order of photos in this blog taken from same position

Pazhassi Raja Tomb- old coly tree

Pazhassi Raja Tomb   the tree is going to die -last moments of the tree.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb when tree fell.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb- next   2 or 3 years it remained  in this condition

Pazhassi Raja Tomb  -occasional renovations only happened - Archaeological department plans to stuff the remains. Under the guidance of Pazhassi Library Mananthavady and WFF, we formed a group of nature lovers.We formed Green lovers under Pazhassi Library. I was the founder Advisor com President and designer of the theme and logo.

Green lovers  -last remains of the tree

Pazhassi Raja Tomb  Some of my friends joined with me to nourish a new banyan tree at the site.  But Government has an another plan.

Green lovers  started from this point and our  discussions held here in the evenings.
Pazhassi Raja Tomb Renovations on the go.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb-Looks  wonderful after the work in rainy day.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb- after some finishing touches. But we lost the shadow and freshness of the old big tree.

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